Winters in Germany can be enchanting with their snow-covered landscapes and festive Christmas markets. However, for international students who might not be used to the cold weather, it can be quite a challenge. From sub-zero temperatures to slippery sidewalks, surviving the German winter requires some preparation and know-how. This comprehensive guide will provide you with essential tips and tricks to conquer the German winter like a pro.

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1. Understanding Winter Clothing:

Invest in Quality Winter Wear: Opt for waterproof and wind-resistant outer layers, warm inner layers, and proper winter shoes. Brands like Jack Wolfskin or North Face are known for their winter collections.

Embrace Layering: Use multiple layers to trap heat. Start with thermal underwear, add a fleece or sweater, and finish with a heavy coat.

2. Stay Healthy: How to Avoid Winter Ailments:

Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods: Incorporate winter vegetables and hot soups into your diet.

Stay Active: Join indoor sports or exercise classes to keep your immune system robust.

Hydrate: Despite the cold, keeping hydrated is key. Drink warm teas or infused water.

3. Safe Travels: Navigating Slippery Streets and Public Transport:

Watch Your Step: Be cautious on icy sidewalks. Consider buying anti-slip shoe grips.

Understand Public Transport: Familiarize yourself with bus and train schedules, especially during snowfalls.

4. Home Comforts: Keeping Your Living Space Warm:

Utilize Heaters Wisely: Most German homes have central heating. Learn how to regulate the thermostat to save energy.

Embrace Insulation: Use heavy curtains and seal any gaps around windows to keep the cold out.

5. Explore and Enjoy: Making the Most of German Winter:

Visit Christmas Markets: Don’t miss the magical Weihnachtsmärkte in cities like Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

Enjoy Winter Sports: From skiing to ice skating, Germany offers various winter activities.

6. Connect with Fellow Students: Building a Support Network:

Join University Clubs: Many universities offer clubs and activities designed for international students.

Use Social Media: Connect with fellow students through university Facebook groups or other online forums.


Surviving the German winter is not only about enduring the cold; it’s also about embracing the season’s unique experiences and enjoying what Germany has to offer. From proper clothing to enjoying local traditions, these tips and tricks will ensure that international students not only survive the German winter but thrive in it.

If you’re an international student preparing for a winter in Germany, these guidelines will help you face the season with confidence. Whether you’re savoring a hot Glühwein at a Christmas market or navigating the icy streets, embrace the German winter with preparation and enthusiasm. Remember, spring is just around the corner!

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